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Stimula Promotion
Stimula for Women
Stimula for Women

  • 3ml
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Stimula for Women

Sexual Lubricant for Women

She has done everything you could have wanted. She must have her pleasure, too. You draw her closely to you. You begin kissing her deeply, then move lower to give each nipple the attention she adores… you know what she wants.

You take your time… because you know exactly what she is craving… and you want to build that passion… that intensity. And, finally, you are there, your tongue giving her all the pleasure she could ever want… until she’s begging for you to do it…to come inside her.

When it is time, you reach for the “other” secret to her pleasure – Stimula for Women, a sexual intimate lubricant. You quickly rip open the foil… and take the lube onto your fingers. She smiles, because she knows what will come next. You find her clitoris with your fingers… then go deeper… watching her body move to the rhythm… as her legs open, waiting for you.

And, you are there. You are inside her. You just as strong, just as hard, just the man you want to be for her. You thrust…deeper and deeper… longer and longer… holding back your orgasm… focusing on the pleasure… hearing her moan… then comes your moan.

What is Stimula for Women?

Stimula For Women is designed to increase sexual sensitivity and work as a highly effective lubricant. The product intensifies sensual pleasure straight through to orgasm when applied to the clitoris, taking sex to another level. Stimula for Women is a water-based, water-soluble, odorless gel.

And, for him…

Stimula for Men can strengthen a man’s will and extend his ability to participate in intimate encounters. Stimula for Men is designed to increase male sexual stamina and work as a highly effective lubricant. Stimula for Men is a water-based, water-soluble, odorless gel.

Collective Tin that Includes 12 Easy-to-Open Individual Packets

These sexual intimate lubricants are uniquely packaged for easy storage. Each tin comes with 12 easy-to-open packets. Stimula is an excellent lubrication for those intimate moments and makes a wonderful gift.

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