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Stimula for Men

Sexual Lubricant for Men

She loves to initiate… to take the lead. When she gives you that look, as she pulls off her panties, you know exactly what to do. You reach into the nightstand. There it is. Stimula for Men.

You rip open the foil. You take her hands, and give her this sexual intimate lubricant formulated just for men. With this lube, every encounter is erotic…passionate… satisfying for both of you. It is part of your sexual ritual.

She takes your penis into her hands, and she caresses it… her tongue giving the tip that extra attention you adore. Then, smiling that flirtatious smile… holding your gaze intensely… promisingly… she begins with the lube. Her fingers are at work now… again, giving your tip that special tease… covering it with lube. Then her hand moves down your shaft… and the rhythm begins…the stimulation… slowly… oh so slowly… then faster as your penis grows fuller… harder… stronger…

Then comes the condom. She puts a little bit of lube in the tip, then rolls it up your shaft. She knows that will give you more pleasure. And what gives you pleasure will be returned to her very soon. This she knows.

What is Stimula for Men?

Stimula for Men can strengthen a man’s will and extend his ability to participate in intimate encounters. Stimula for Men is designed to increase male sexual stamina and work as a highly effective lubricant. Stimula for Men is a water-based, water-soluble, odorless gel.

And, for her…

Stimula For Women is designed to increase sexual sensitivity and work as a highly effective lubricant. The product erases any vaginal dryness—and intensifies sensual pleasure straight through orgasm when applied to the clitoris, taking sex to another level.

Collective Box that Includes 12 Easy-to-Open Individual Packets

The intimate lubricants are uniquely packaged for easy storage. Each tin comes with 12 easy-to-open packets. Stimula is an excellent lubrication for those intimate moments and makes a wonderful gift.

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