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Aptly-named McRunner Follows All-McDonalds Diet While Training for Next Marathon

Not to Joe D’Amico, an Illinois native who plans to complete the Los Angeles Marathon after eating only McDonald’s fast food for 30 days.  Admittedly, D’Amico has allowed himself to utilize non-McDonald’s water, the energy supplement PowerGel, and ibuprofen during his training. 

He is also making some smarter choices than Spurlock did, opting for a grill chicken sandwich and a side salad over a Big Mac and large fries for most lunches.  Oh, and there is also the fact the he runs an average of about ten miles per day as part of his physical preparation.  Using the nutritional information provided by McDonald’s, D’Amico estimates that he consumes around 3,170 calories per day (compared to Spurlock’s 5,000+) and burns around 1,000 of those off during his training sessions.

Check out some of the numbers associated with D’Amico’s quest:

  • 69 visits to over 20 different McDonald’s locations.
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  • 14 marathons already completed in his running career.
  • More than 66 hotcakes, 48 cookies and 18 buckets of Coke consumed.
  • 100 miles completed per week.


  • 02:36:00, or two hours and thiry-six minutes, D’Amico’s personal best marathon time. One that he hopes to best during this experience.

While D’Amico is no stranger to running or value meals (he’s been running recreationally and frequenting McDonald’s since he was a kid), completing a marathon, let alone setting a new personal record, would be a tall order for anyone.  For more information about Joe and his path to junk food immortality, check out his blog at McRunner.com.

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