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Top Nutrition Blogs 2012

The types of foods that we put into our body have a huge impact on our daily lives. Proper nutrition can effect how we look, feel, think, and even act so eating good is important. Thanks to the internet many people go online looking for answers to their nutrition questions and now they can now find tasty answers. They can also find healthy recipes using all natural ingredients and great tips on maintaining proper nutrition but that is why these are the Golden Heart Award 2012 Winners for being a leader in nutrition online.



Nutrition News is run by Tony Bishop-Weston and his wife Yvonne and as personal nutritionists from London they started the site to better help others eat and maintain healthy lives. They are both vegans who use nutritional therapy as a complementary medicine or a way to enhance the effectiveness of any treatments people are currently receiving.



Lauren Talbot is the author of Diary of a Nutritionist who is a certified clinical nutritionist documenting her thoughts on health, lifestyle, and food. She provides fresh, simple recipes for the whole family as well as trying to find the correlation between beauty and eating right.



Christine Rosenbloom wanted to be a dietitian since the age of 13 and was a nutrition professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta for 30 years and a clinical dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation.  Her blog is a way to promote healthy living to people of all ages from athletes to baby boomers.



Jocelyn Steiber started her nutrition blog as a way to inspire and motivate people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. She is a former ballet dancer for 15 years and is currently a practicing yogi in New York City.

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Angela Liddon started Oh She Glows in October 2008 while recovering from an eating disorder. She wanted to share her story with other women and soon realized that she was not alone in what she was going through. Angela became a vegan in mid 2009 and uses her blog to showcase healthy, unprocessed, and animal-product free recipes. She is currently writing a cookbook due out in 2014.

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Tanya Taylor started I Ate a Pie in October 2004 as a way to track and improve her eating habits while going to Auburn University. Today the site provides reviews from real people of any and all foods labeled as healthy or diet options. If it says organic or low fat, I Ate a Pie reviews it.

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Deb Perelman started Smitten Kitchen in June of 2006 in an 80 square foot half galley kitchen with a skylight in New York.  Currently she is in a 42 square foot half galley kitchen with no skylight but that doesn’t stop her from making tasty recipes with easy to follow tutorials. Deb also recently published her first cookbook called The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

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Jennifer Iserloh is a trained chef, certified health coach, and healthy cooking celebrity who started Skinny Chef because life should be delicious. She knows that people want rich tasting, well prepared meals, and using the right techniques with the right recipes anyone can enjoy restaurant type meals at home. Skinny Chef was created to help people boost flavors for any meal, expand their recipe collection, and dial down fat and calories while losing weight.

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Alanna Kellogg started Veggie Ventures on April Fool’s Day 2005 as a month long project that grew into much more. For a year she cooked nothing but vegetables in a new way every day, and fellow bloggers dubbed her the veggie evangelist. Veggie Ventures has turned into an award winning home of free vegetable recipes. All veggies, all the time, always tasty.

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Laurel Moll is a writer, editor, blogger, and certified holistic health coach. Started in 2007, her blog Laurel on Health Food provides lifestyle tips and healthy comfort food recipes. Laurel aims to show people that eating healthy can be delicious, energizing, comforting, and life-changing. Her motto: “If you look at eating healthy as a pleasure, you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything.

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Anne-Marie Nichols started blogging to share Thanksgiving plans with the world in 2004. Her writing online grew into a mission to help busy moms and their families live healthier by sharing her good for you recipes and lifestyle tips. Anne-Marie also talks about things like dental health, vitamins, nutrition, and weight loss to inspire families to healthier living with minimal fuss.

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Katie Gagliano grew up in an Italian family that didn’t always eat the healthiest with soda and snack cakes around her growing up. As she got older she decided that she wanted to start eating better and exercising more and uses her blog as a way to showcase tasty recipes and helpful exercise tips.

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Meg Doll is a self proclaimed nutrition nerd currently in the University of London, ON to become a nutritionist. While in school she started regularly lifting weights and dedicated herself to proper nutrition which has helped increase her self confidence. Meg always posts excellent workout routines, yummy recipes, and loves sushi so be prepared for to learn while having fun.

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Jenny is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer who started running marathons in October of 2011 and began exercising full time ever since. She doesn’t want to limit herself in what she eats and feels that with proper eating in moderation and regular exercise it is possible for anyone.

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Kat Salazar is a mother of three beautiful children and started on her healthy living journey shortly after having her 3rd child in 2009. She was ready for a lifestyle change and began to exercise regularly with running and Crossfit. Kat also began feeding her family healthy meals because she loves to cook and doesn’t enjoy restrictive diets.

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Mandi started Sassy Fit Mom as a way to hold herself accountable after losing over 25 pounds with a workout program.  Writing about her daily routine helps her to stay healthy and teaches her 5 year old daughter the importance of physical fitness and eating right.

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Christina Orso was the winner of Charleston City Pages Best of Charleston 2011 & 2012 Readers Pick for best blog. She uses her blog to talk about her love of pickles, Greek yogurt, and how much she dislikes waiting on things that are baking. Exercising regularly and good eating are both on full display when Hungry Meets Healthy.

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Laura of Mommy Run Fast is a social worker turned stay at home mom that is also now a part time spin instructor and is now training to be a health coach. “Mommy, run fast!” is one of her daughter’s favorite things to say and that soon morphed into a blog about healthy living, toddler escapades, and running tips. Throw in some family recipes and talks about training and you have Mommy, Run Fast!

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The Broccoli Hut was started by Caroline Cohen for people who love food, but who especially love healthy, colorful foods.  After going through having an eating disorder at a younger age, Caroline began to realize the power of healthy foods and the nourishing benefits they provided. Her blog focuses on eating healthy whole foods that are made with creativity and always contain vibrant colors.

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Holly, Annie, and Chelsea are three sisters who all love eating good food and sharing healthy recipes that they learn with others. They have kitchens that span from Washington, DC to Los Angeles but the sisters are always united with their passion for creating and sharing healthy recipes. Naturally sweet food tastes great and is better for you!

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Chelsea and her love of good eating started when she was younger because she was raised off healthy, home cooked meals from her father. When she got older and began living on her own, Chelsea learned how to cook healthy meals and started exercising regularly. Her blog is a continuation of healthy eating and daily exercise since she entered Brescia University College to become a Registered Dietitian.

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Heather Powers started Kiss My Broccoli after discovering a healthy living blog online and making a few of the recipes she found. After making a few more recipes she suddenly had a lot of food creations to share with the rest of the world and decided to start a blog to showcase them. Heather believes in using fresh ingredients and stays away from over processed foods, refined sugars, and salts because foods taste better with the right spice combination.

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Kaitlin grew up in a household where fresh vegetables and fruits were common place, and soda and fast food were unheard of. As she got older she developed great eating habits and loved working out to stay sane as well as fit. Kaitlin uses her blog to talk about her love of healthy recipes, new workout routines, the occasional guilty pleasure here and there, and eating carrots every single day!

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Amanda Dewitt started her blog in May of 2010 as a way to showcase recipes she liked and what was going on in her life. As a college student studying to become a Registered Dietician, she started reading other healthy living blogs and got inspiration from them and began blogging regularly. Amanda wants to share a relatable way of living healthy with people that doesn’t involve restrictive or fad diets.

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Nicole uses her blog to talk about her love of running, eating healthy, and even online shopping when she has the chance! Growing up she had a love hate relationship with food and often turned to eating when her life got stressful. When Nicole reached her senior year in college she started writing her blog which led her down the path of nutrition and healthier food options.

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Destini Srbljanin originally started her blog to journal her goal of becoming fit for her wedding day. She discovered she loved it so much that she decided to continue documenting her fitness and healthy living journey so others can be inspired.

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Colleen Nichols is rarely without her lunchbox due to her schedule of working in the day and school at night so though that would be a great name for her blog. She doesn’t consider herself a healthy living machine but knows that the key to happiness and health is moderation.

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“Caitlin Croswell didn’t eat much other than white carbs until she was 15 and always considered herself a mundane eater. When she went to college at UConn she suddenly had an assortment of foods to choose from and expanded her palate, but also had gained a few freshman pounds. Taking advantage of her college’s fitness programs she began to view healthy eating and fitness in a much more serious light, but at one point took it too seriously and adopted some disordered habits. Now she is continuing to learn about nutrition and exercise, but with the goal of living a more balanced lifestyle.”

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Aubrey King is a 23 year old health nut currently attending culinary school in New York. She started blogging to let people in on her life at culinary school, her fitness routines, and different recipes she has been testing.

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Kristin Porter lives by a personal philosophy: Eat Well, Run Often, Travel Far. Her blog shows off her love of all three when she blogs about the great tasting yet still healthy meals she is making, or the various trails she is currently running in Iowa. Once you view some of the pictures from her travels you will feel like you are right there with her in Rome, so check out the most famous blogger in Iowa!

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Missy Engel started her blog in 2007 as a way to hold herself accountable by tracking her eating habits and also to share her struggles with others. She has been overweight in the past and had a hard time maintaining her weight because of unhealthy dieting and began to add fitness into her routine to balance her weight loss regiment. Missy has been featured in Shape Magazine and is a certified health coach who also gives free haircuts so if you are in New York say hi!



In January 2009 before Tricia Minnick started her blog she weighed 278 pounds. By September 2009 when she decided to showcase her transformation to the world she weighed 179 pounds. She had lost 99 pounds with simple exercise and good eating habits and not by using any fad diets. Not with any pills and not with any surgery aid just by using her own willpower and perseverance.

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Gina Casagrande is a Registered Dietician from Ohio who is working hard to dispel nutrition myths that people have. She feels people can live a healthy life without deprivation as long as they have the proper nutrition knowledge. Gina is addicted to ice cream and using her slow cooker so expect pictures of tasty cold treats and healthy slow cooker recipes galore.

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