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Get Rid of Tweezers and Wax, Use Vaniqa and Stop Unwanted Hair Growth

The time spent in front of the mirror each morning seems never ending for some women.  Washing the face, doing the hair, whitening the teeth and tweezing the eyebrows: the list of grooming chores can take up a ton of time.

Now, there is a way to cut down on the morning “to-do” list.  A cream, Vaniqa, can reduce the amount of unwanted facial hair for women.

Vaniqa, an option for women
The cream interferes with an enzyme found in the hair follicle of the skin needed for hair growth, which slows hair growth and improves appearance.  According to the Vaniqa website, “Vaniqa does not permanently remove hair or “cure” unwanted facial hair with just one application. However over time the medication will slow and eventually stop the unwanted hair from growing. Your treatment program should include continuation of any hair removal technique you are currently using. Vaniqa will help you manage your condition and improve your appearance.”

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Quick and effective
Improvement may be seen as early as 4 to 8 weeks of treatment. Improvement may take longer in some individuals, but eventually women will spend less time tweezing or waxing.  While it will not eliminate the need to pluck, it will reduce the frequency.

Customer reviews
One Vaniqa user says, “This cream has slowed my hair grown considerably and as a result it has improved my confidence. You have to get into a routine of applying it twice a day, but it’s changed my life.”

“I have dealt with unwanted facial hair for most of my life.  It grows in fast and it’s dark so it’s noticeable.  It’s bothered me for years, but I’ve finally found something that helps.  Vaniqa really does slow the growth, I pluck less and feel like it’s a much more manageable problem now.”

Vaniqa is available through AccessRx, learn more at our website.

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