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Average Cost of Propecia is $91.53; Click for More

Male pattern hair loss affects up to 70% of men eventually.

Male pattern hair loss affects up to 70% of men eventually.

Propecia, a drug made by pharmaceutical company Merck, is a popular medication that is used to slow, stop, or reverse hair loss in men.

While it doesn’t work on every man, more than half of men who use it report improvement in their hair loss situation. Propecia has become extremely popular for men who are dissatisfied with their other options for coping with male pattern baldness.

What Propecia Does

Propecia is known as a type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It works by inhibiting the action of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which converts ordinary testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Conversion of testosterone to DHT is responsible for traditional male pattern hair loss. When less testosterone is converted to DHT, hair loss may slow down, stop altogether, or reverse, with new hair growing in.

Propecia Must Be Taken Indefinitely

Men cannot just take Propecia until their hair loss reverses and then stop taking it. The drug must be taken indefinitely for results to continue. Therefore, taking Propecia is a long term commitment, and a long term expense. Health insurance policies with prescription drug coverage don’t usually cover the costs for “lifestyle” drugs like Propecia, so men must be prepared to pay for the drug out of their own pockets. Can you save money by shopping around for Propecia?

How Much Propecia Costs

In the following table, you can get an idea of the cost of a 30-day supply of Propecia 1mg tablets at three representative pharmacies in 10 US cities:

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City Drugstore 1 Drugstore 2 Drugstore 3 Average
Atlanta Target$90.63 Kroger$91.45 Publix$91.95 $91.34
Charlotte Walmart$90.82 Rite Aid$91.70 BiLo$91.95 $91.49
Chicago Target$92.59 CVS$92.67 Osco Drug$93.94 $93.07
Denver Walmart$90.82 Walgreens$91.18 Safeway$90.92 $90.97
Houston CVS$90.72 Tabb Pharm.$91.77 Choice Pharm.$91.95 $91.48
Los Angeles Rite Aid$91.70 UCLA Med$91.16 Platinum Pharm.$91.95 $91.60
Miami Walgreens$91.18 Continucare$91.77 Winn Dixie$91.95 $91.63
New York Rite Aid$91.70 Village Apoth.$91.16 Duane Reade$91.18 $91.35
San Francisco Target$90.63 Walgreens$91.18 Safeway$90.92 $90.91
Seattle Kroger QFC$91.45 Safeway$90.92 Bartell$91.95 $91.44
Overall Average Price: $91.53

Disadvantages of Obtaining Propecia Traditionally

The cost of the medication in the table above should be considered a baseline cost. In addition, you’ll need to factor in the cost of a physician visit, which will either involve a flat co-pay or payment out of pocket. You’ll also need to factor in your time and its cost. For example, a traditional, non-emergency doctor visit will cost you at least a couple of hours from your day, plus the cost of transportation to and from your physician’s office.

Once you have the prescription, you will need to drop it off at a pharmacy and either wait until it is filled (which can easily take half an hour depending on how busy the pharmacy is), or drop it off and go pick it up later. Again, you can count on an hour or two of your time to accomplish this.

It’s not always easy to preserve your privacy at your local pharmacy.

It’s not always easy to preserve your privacy at your local pharmacy.

The Privacy Factor

Not every man is comfortable dropping off a prescription for Propecia at their local pharmacy. Many men would prefer to keep the details of their hair loss situation confidential. While pharmacists are obligated to respect customer privacy, there’s always the possibility of seeing a coworker, neighbor, or child’s teacher while visiting the pharmacy. And many people, out of politeness and concern, have a tendency to inquire about the health of someone they see dropping off a prescription. It’s not easy for a lot of men to say they’re obtaining medication to treat baldness, and they’d rather avoid the possibility of being put on the spot by a well-meaning friend or acquaintance.

Alternatives for Acquiring Propecia

One option for acquiring Propecia is obtaining it online. Online pharmacies are used safely by millions of people every year, and they’re well-liked because they’re convenient and easy to use. AccessRx.com is an online medical facilitator that offers genuine Propecia by Merck for $139 for a 30-day supply of 1mg tablets. With AccessRx.com, the cost of the medication plus shipping is your bottom line cost. It includes a free medical consultation and pharmacists are available to answer any questions you may have about Propecia.

With AccessRx.com, you don’t have to schedule two or three hours out of your busy day to visit your physician. You don’t have to drive to your pharmacy and either drop your prescription off or wait for it. You don’t risk seeing your child’s soccer coach while picking up your prescription. In other words, you save considerable time, hassle, and expense. Plus, the medication is shipped in discreet packaging right to your home using trusted shipping providers like FedEx.

You Can Treat Male Pattern Hair Loss

Propecia revolutionized the treatment of male pattern hair loss. Before Propecia, options included hair pieces, hair transplants, and topical drugs like Minoxidil, or the option of accepting hair loss and doing nothing about it. Sure, some men totally rock the hair-free look, but if that’s not you, you have options, and Propecia is a great option for many men.

In general, the sooner in the balding process you start taking Propecia, the better the results. Because it addresses hair loss systemically, it can take three to six months before you can get an idea of how well Propecia will work for you. If you get results you’re happy with, you’ll need to keep taking Propecia to continue to benefit from it.

AccessRx.com understands that male pattern hair loss can be a blow to self-confidence, and that it’s not always an easy topic to bring up, even with a physician you trust. That’s why we provide the option of obtaining Propecia with the utmost respect to your privacy and a commitment to answer your questions and ensure that you have a positive customer experience. AccessRx.com is HIPAA-compliant, and uses the most stringent security measures for online ordering.

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