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3 Things to Know About Taking Propecia

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Men suffering the confidence-shattering effects of hair loss can find an ally in Propecia, an oral drug that’s been shown in clinical trials to halt hair loss and even regrow hair that’s already been lost.

Here are three important facts to know about Propecia.

1. How Does Propecia Work? Finasteride, the drug’s active ingredient, lowers blood levels of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, the male sex hormone largely responsible for male pattern balding, known scientifically as androgenetic alopecia. DHT shrinks hair follicles to the point that they can no longer support hair growth.

2. How Effective Is Propecia? During clinical trials, the progression of hair loss was halted in 86 percent of study participants who took the drug, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Sixty-five percent of the trial participants reported a significant increase in hair growth. On the basis of finasteride’s impressive performance in clinical trials, the AHLA recommends the drug as “the first line of attack for all men interested in treating their male pattern baldness.”

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3. How Long Does It Take to Produce Results?


This graphic illustrates the progressive hair loss typical of androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern balding.

Patience is required for men treating male pattern balding with Propecia.

Several weeks may pass before they see any results at all, and it can take up to six months before Propecia users notice significant progress in the battle against hair loss. It should also be noted that any headway made in the fight against hair loss could be surrendered to users who discontinue the drug.

If you and your doctor believe that Propecia could help you to hold on to the hair you have and possibly grow back some that’s been lost, consider ordering the drug or its generic alternative from AccessRx.com, a reliable online facilitator. To learn more, click below to visit AccessRx’s Hair Loss page.

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