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Thought Leader Series: Double Check Yourself! 5 Tips to Ensure You Stay Safe During Your Workout

Stay safe during your workout

Staying fit and getting healthy is important to many people. How you decide to accomplish that is up to you and there are a ton of options to choose from. Heading to the gym, dieting, running, or any other activity you choose will be beneficial. You do need to know the danger that could lurk around you. Double check yourself! Here are 5 tips to ensure you stay safe during your workout.

Safety first. Always.

1.) On the floor

At the gym or any home gym, you sweat, and bacteria develops. It’s important the equipment and tools that are used are cleaned consistently. Proper sanitation and disinfecting are necessary to kill germs that can make you sick. Bleach wipes and germ-killing temperatures help to reduce the growth of bacteria.

2.) In the room

Gyms and spas offer locker rooms that are equipped with towels, showers, and storage spaces. The towels need to be cleaned correctly and stored properly. Benches, where wet bodies sit, need to be dried and sanitized. It’s also important that you recognize that proper ventilation is used to reduce humidity and heat in you locker room.

3.) On your feet (and elsewhere)

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More seriously than just keeping a clean locker room, you must be sure that you take care of yourself. MSRA is present, tiny, and dangerous. The smallest cut on your body could open you up to contracting MSRA. It lives on the floors and walls and, according to the CDC, kills more people per year than AIDS. Wearing flip flops, using your own bath towel, and hygiene products can help to reduce your exposure to the possibility.

Stay safe during your workout

The right gear can take you far.

4.) On the run

Taking an evening jog or an invigorating morning run is a great way to stay in shape. But it’s important to stay safe during those workouts, too. Recognizing dangers that may be around you while you are getting your heart rate up can help to stay out of harm’s way. Knowing your neighborhood and the best time to run keeps you from being a victim. Don’t carry cash, wear fancy jewelry, or carry high-tech gadgets. Understand that the darker it is, the easier it is for cars to overlook you. If you want to run or jog at night, wear reflective clothing or flashers to ensure drivers can see you.

5.) Take it easy

One issue that could arise while you are working out may be that you take it too far. Over exercising and under eating can lead to more health problems. Remember your limits! If your body is tired, take a break. If you get dizzy, sit down. Your body runs like a machine and requires upkeep, don’t overdo it.

Staying fit and eating healthy are great ways to lifelong health. Working out and using safety tips are just insurance to keeping your life just that much healthier. Click here to check out some Weight loss information. Get started on your way to a healthier you!

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