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Staxyn vs. Levitra: Who is the Real Winner?

Staxyn vs. Levitra Comparison

Couple deciding between Levitra and new Staxyn. Both Levitra and Staxyn are Vardenafil, but Staxyn and Levitra deliver Vardenafil into the body differently. See chart for Pro’s and Con’s of each type

We all want to stay informed, and in the area of ED, we all know the most important question: “What’s best for me?”

And how do we answer that question? First, we ask if the medicine is effective. Second, we ask if the medicine fits our lifestyle, and if it’s affordable.

Staxyn is the New Favorite
Levitra has been a mainstay of erectile dysfunction treatment for several years, consistently satisfying customers with the results they’ve achieved. For years, intimacy had never been better for these couples.

The reason Levitra has beaten out much of the competition is that it works more quickly, and it also tends not to be adversely affected by heavy meals.

But now, we’ve got a new product on our hands, Staxyn. Staxyn is from the same company that produces Levitra, and the main difference is it’s quick-dissolving formula.

Let’s take a closer look at these pills to see how they stack up against each other, and find out if it’s worth making the switch.

Effectiveness of Staxyn vs Levitra
Both pills use the drug Vardenafil as their active ingredient. However, the system of delivery can make a big difference in performance, and it appears Staxyn is the winner here.

Staxyn’s quick-dissolving formula absorbs through the capillary-rich area of skin that resides right under the tongue. The active ingredient goes to work quickly and effectively, hitting the bloodstream much faster than it would by being absorbed through the lining of the stomach.

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Your Lifestyle with Staxyn or Levitra
Levitra made great strides by fitting into a man’s life without as much planning or concern as other products.

Because Levitra wasn’t as affected by a large meal as other products, he could go out to dinner, have a normal date, and take Levitra an hour or so before the end of evening, knowing he was set. There was no need to worry about the effectiveness of the medication or plan things in advance.

But, again, the Staxyn product pulls ahead here as well. Staxyn is packed in a discreet-looking, attractive black slide-out box, about the size of a credit card, like a package of mints or gum. Its color and design makes it fit in seamlessly with a wallet and car keys, which is exactly what a man needs when he’s going out.

Staxyn’s pocket-friendly design is what really makes it pull ahead of Levitra here. After all, no one can afford to carry around a prescription pill bottle without drawing attention.

The Staxyn formula also doesn’t need to be taken with a glass of water, which means that you’ll never spend time looking for a drink when you’d rather be getting back to the fun part, which is enjoying your evening.

Affordability: Cost of Staxyn Compared to Levitra
Research on pricing across the United States shows that Staxyn and Levitra are sold at nearly identical prices.

If Staxyn and Levitra are both the same price, the question then becomes: “Well, what are we getting for our money?”

Let’s tally the pro’s and con’s of these two medications, and make the decision from there.

It seems clear that the makers of Levitra had good reason for releasing their new product, Staxyn.

Anyone who is already pleased with their Levitra prescription can order Staxyn from AccessRx, an established online facilitator that works to bring safe, authentic pharmaceuticals to patients in the U.S.

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