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It Takes Time to Recover Sexual Function after Serious Illness

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Depression in the wake of a serious illness can make the return to sexual function a bit more difficult, but with help you can succeed.

The return to normal sexual function after a serious illness takes time and patience. All too often, those struggling to get back to their lives as they knew them before illness struck grow impatient and fear that things will never be quite the same again. And, in fact, they may not. However, given time, some degree of sexual function will almost certainly return, and you can find ways to adjust to whatever changes your illness may have caused.

If your illness was a major cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke, that may well indicate an underlying problem with blood flow, which could impede erectile function once you’ve recovered. With your doctor’s help, you can choose an oral ED drug, such as Viagra, or another form of treatment that will allow you to resume sexual activity once you’ve fully recovered from the stroke or heart attack.

Recovery from Cancer Takes Time

Cancer can put a temporary hold on your love life, and in the case of prostate cancer, that hold could develop into a more lengthy delay. Nevertheless, most men eventually find a way to resume sexual activity once they’ve completed their recovery.

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In addition to the physiological consequences of your illness, you may also have to deal with psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety, both of which often follow a serious illness.

Talk frankly with your doctor about the long-term effects, if any, your illness might have on your sexual function and when you might reasonably expect to resume normal sexual function after your recovery. If you find that you need some extra help in getting back to normal, your doctor can help you find that as well. In a blog posting at MensJournal.com, writer Taylor Kubota offers some commonsense advice about resuming sex after a major illness, including tips such as “start slowly” and “nobody’s an expert.”

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