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Inmate Sues for Untreated Four-Day Erection

Inmate Sues for Untreated Four-Day Erection

No, that’s not a typo in the title. A 32-year-old former prisoner in Oklahoma developed an erection that lasted four days after another inmate gave him an unidentified pill and, for some reason, he swallowed it. No one seems to know what the pill was, or if one or both thought it was an FDA-approved pill for erectile dysfunction—such as Viagra—or if they thought it was some kind of pill for sleeping, anxiety or pain.

The Lawsuit

The prisoner’s $5 million civil right lawsuit claims that despite pleading with the prison staff to have him treated for a very painful erection that lasted 91 hours, he didn’t receive it, and the long-lasting erection caused permanent injury. Not only did he not receive medical help for what he claimed was unbearable pain, but also he was mocked by the prison staff.

Eventually, he was transported to a nearby hospital.

What was in the pill?

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There are a number of legal, illegal and legal but unapproved substances that could cause an erection.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra, which work by relaxing the smooth muscles that help bring blood to the penis. Although anything is possible, it’s doubtful that one erectile dysfunction pill would cause a four-day erection, unless it was taken with another pill (or two, or three) that causes erections too.

Sometimes, illegal pills or “nutritional supplements” claiming to fight erectile dysfunction actually do contain one of the active ingredients found in Viagra. As the prisoner found out, these unapproved drugs could have 2X, 10X or even 30X the recommended dosage in one pill.

While it might sound like a good time to take a large dose of Viagra, it can have damaging side effects – as you can see.

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