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Five Mistakes You’re Making With Your Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Five Mistakes You’re Making With Your Erectile Dysfunction Pills

According to Men’s Health, researchers in Spain found that 69% of the men who reported that they were still experiencing impotence after taking erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, were actually making mistakes in how they took the pills.

After getting information from the researchers on how to correctly take the medications, 77% of the men responded favorably to the ED drugs.

Here are five mistakes that men sometimes make when taking ED medications.


  1. Taking certain ED pills on a full stomach. Viagra and Levitra work best on an empty stomach. If you eat a meal, wait two to three hours before taking your ED pill or only half the pill will get absorbed. With Cialis, it’s fine to eat first.


  1. Trying to have sex immediately. ED drugs don’t work instantaneously. In fact, Viagra and Levitra hit their peak after about an hour, while Cialis peaks two to three hours after you take it.
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  1. Giving up after one unsuccessful drug. Not all ED meds are created equal and just because one fails you doesn’t mean the others won’t work.


  1. Skipping the sexual stimulation. Don’t expect to swallow an ED pill and get an instant erection. You need sexual stimulation for the drug to work. That’s because you need your brain to signal your penis so a chemical is released into the muscles of the penis. This will, in turn, produce another chemical, which is needed to make your ED drug work. So yes, you’ll still need foreplay!


  1. Taking too low a dosage. Although you should never exceed the maximum dosage, you should try more than the minimum or you may get frustrated that your ED drug isn’t working. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any health conditions that would require you to take a lower dosage: high cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes all need to be taken into consideration.
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