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The 5 Best Erectile Dysfunction Forums

Everywhere you look — whether online, on television, or in other media — you see images of happy couples who appear as if they have never experienced any sexual problems. Yet an estimated 30 million American men have experienced erectile dysfunction at some point. If you’re one of those 30 million, you may feel alone, and you may even feel uncomfortable discussing the situation with your physician. While a doctor’s office is the right place to go for answers as to why you are experiencing ED and what you can do about it, you may wish you could simply discuss ED with others who are going through the same thing.

Fortunately, there are several online erectile dysfunction forums where you can ask questions or otherwise discuss ED in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment.

Here are 5 of the best erectile dysfunction forums.

1. EDQuestions Erectile Dysfunction Guide Forum


On this site, the general discussion section alone covers a range of topics, including the best books about ED, the influence of testosterone levels on erectile function, anxiety, drug side effects, and cognitive therapy for ED.

In a thread about testosterone levels and ED, participants talk about their individual situations:

“In all the research I’ve done, the 500 range is still too low for guys our age – optimal is considered the upper 2/3 of the range, so around 700-800 or so. I hope to get there at some point and see if there’s a difference, but as my doctor explains it, low (or high) Estradiol is enough in and of itself to cause ED and low libido.”

Another thread discusses books that participants have found helpful:

“I checked out both books so far, and like what I read in the first few pages of Screams of Pleasure…. Did not let me read much but I might just pick this one up. Was browsing through the chapters and it even mentions a few points about ‘The psychological Component.’ Might have some pointers there.”

2. Daily Strength Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction Support Group

Here you’ll find frank discussions about every aspect of ED, including its effects on relationships, alternative ways of seeking sexual satisfaction, and what happens when you can no longer afford ED drugs.

Discussion threads cover a broad range of topics, including helpful information about topics like counterfeit ED drugs. For example, in a thread about Cialis and Erectile Dysfunction, a user brings up the topic of counterfeit ED drugs:

“Since so many people are sharing were they get their meds i thought I would jump in as well. Just please, everyone, make sure these places are reputable, require a prescription, do not sell scheduled drugs, are pharmacy checker certified, and are able to tell you where they source their drugs.”

Other threads cover health problems that correlate with ED, like diabetes, heart problems, and clinical depression. These threads are good sources of encouragement from people who have been through similar situations:

“Medications, surgeries, major health problems, etc… all can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. It is something he should talk to his doctor about to see if it will return or if this is permanent fix. Your doctor would have suggestions for him as well.
I am a Type 2 Diabetic and have been for quite some time now. I have been impotent and dealing with Erectile Dysfunction for about the same length of time. This has been a struggle for me and my wife but solutions are available. ”

3. MDJunction ED Support Forum

This online erectile dysfunction forum describes itself as “A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, together.” The “General and Support” section is the most popular, with participants discussing drugs, relationships, prostate cancer, and being newly diagnosed with ED. In response to one user’s anxiety about experiencing erectile dysfunction after taking beta blockers, one participant writes,

“Have you talked to your doctor about your options? It may be worth seeing what options you have available to you. By not talking about your issues you maybe doing more damage than good causing pent up stress and anxiety.”

Participants can vent about their personal situation in a setting that is nonjudgmental:

“I’ve been embarrassed and more and more depressed since this began five years ago, which just gets worse. I have no idea where I’m going with this message…just TRYING to cut through the extreme shame of feeling–as my username suggests–emasculated to the core.”

By providing personal experiences and a supportive environment, men with ED are able to see that they are not alone, that there are many successful ways of treating ED, and that what works for one man may not be right for another.

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4. PsychForums.com Erectile Dysfunction Forum

While this site does discuss the psychological side of erectile dysfunction, it in no way implies that ED is “all in your mind.” The broad range of topics discussed includes:

  • Girlfriends asking advice for helping a boyfriend with ED
  • Being unable to perform with one specific partner
  • The expense of regular Viagra use
  • Experiencing ED in a threesome situation
  • The use of vacuum pumps as treatment for ED

One participant writes,

“My family doctor knows me and I would feels embarrassed to ask for meds that are supposed to fight ED. And I heard they could cause blindness in some people. I want to keep my eyesight. I think it’s physical because I rarely wake up with an erection.”

Another user replies,

“See your doc. It’s the only way. If it makes it easier, write this stuff down on a piece of paper and let him read it. He may refer you to a urologist. Also, perhaps this would be easier: ask your doctor if he would refer you to a urologist. Then tell the urologist what is going on, or show him the paper. But, really, your doctor is not going to think bad of you because of this.”

5. PEGym Sexual Improvement for Men Erectile Dysfunction Forum

Here’s just a sampling of the many topics discussed on this site:

  • Books on ED
  • Loss of sensitivity
  • How much does Cialis cost in Canada?
  • Can pornography lead to ED?
  • Difficult maintaining an erection with a partner

One new user writes, worried about whether pornography could be contributing to his ED:

“I have had quite stressful life for last ten years. I could not feel any stress, fatigue or exhaustion even when the symptoms were quite prominent and would think that there was nothing wrong with me… Now I am exhausted both sexually and mentally so I took a break for a few months. ”

Here is one reply:

“I have seen it suggested elsewhere that one way of approaching this is to start stepping down the intensity/severity of the porn that you watch. I.e. going from harder stuff to less hard stuff, so that you are re-sensitizing yourself to less intense porn. Maybe you could give that a go. If it works, let us know!”

The Role of Online Erectile Dysfunction Forums

Erectile dysfunction is a topic that many men are hesitant to discuss even with their partners, and online discussions allow them to freely and anonymously relate what is going on with their sex lives while learning about what does and does not work for others in similar situations. Participating in an online erectile dysfunction forum is certainly not a substitute for consulting with a physician and possibly trying prescription ED drugs, but it can be a safe way for men to feel less alone and to discover that ED affects men of all ages in all life situations. Once you are ready to order an erectile dysfunction medications, make sure to Visit your physician or order medications online in a discreet manner at a site such as AccessRx.com.

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