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Ways to Improve Your Snooze

sleep deprivation, insomnia, rest, health, relaxationSleep is a pretty big deal. If you think about it, it may even be a bigger deal than eating healthy or exercising. Your body and mind need and require sleep to function. Without sleep you can go insane, have loss of memory, abuse sleep aids, have a poor work performance and miss out on any sort of normal social life. Not only are those side effects enough to scare you into going to sleep but the psychiatric side effects of lacking sleep are endless. You could be faced with growing anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate and you could become more susceptible to a plethora of other psychiatric concerns, such as schizophrenia. A neat way to avoid all of these issues lack of sleep can cause is to go to sleep and rest well. Your body will thank you!

Snooze Schedule

Set a time every night to sit down in your favorite chair and read for an hour, or until you get sleepy, then go to bed. Whatever you want to do before bed try to keep it on schedule and stick with it even on the weekends. This will help train your mind and body that it is time to rest.

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Decorate for Sleep

You don’t have to paint sheep on your walls to help yourself envision sleep. Try beginning with a serious declutter of your bedroom. Simplifysleep deprivation, insomnia, rest, health, relaxation it as much as possible. Keeping a TV in your bedroom is harmful to your sleep schedule too. A bed, dresser and your cat is all you need for a good night’s sleep.

Sweet Songs

Listen to a little music before nodding off. I don’t mean hardcore punk or heavy metal. Try something soothing and emotion free like the oldies station. It will help put you into a nice relaxing state of mind and drifting off will become much easier with a relaxed mind. Maybe just have these sweet lullabies playing gently in the background while you’re enjoying your book before bedtime. If you think of it, we slept easier and longer as children. As children we always followed a sleep routine that involved a pretty strict agenda of what we could do and what we weren’t allowed to do because it was after all, time to get ready for bed!

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