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4 Ways a Vacation Can Improve Your Health

stress, vacation, relaxation, health, wellnessOne of my favorite places in the world to rejuvenate my body and clear my head is the beach.  The sound of the ocean lets me forget about work and the warm breezes carry away my worries.  For a short amount of time I can be completely at peace.

Unfortunately, many of us rarely ever have the opportunity to indulge in a nice vacation.  As a result of financial strains or long hours at work, we are forced to spend all our time just trying to pay the bills.  However, there are many cheap vacations that people can afford with a tiny bit of budgeting, and the rewards can not only improve you quality of work when you return, but may also save your health.

Below are 5 really good reasons to begin planning your next vacation today.

#1 – Vacation Resets Your Brain

Too much time worrying about work ends up filling your mind until you eventually hit a wall.  Your creativity begins to suffer, and innovative ideas that you would normally implement are shoved aside to store stress.  Take time for a vacation, and you’ll be amazed at how much more productive, creative, and stress free your job becomes.

#2 – Prevent Burnout

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If you haven’t taken my advice with reason #1, then the next thing you have to look forward to is, “burnout.”  At this point the stress will become so overwhelming that you will feel like you can’t take it any more, and probably just give up.  This may mean flipping out on someone, quitting your job, or just giving up in general.  Don’t let yourself get to this point, it is a hard road back to success when you’ve already told your boss what you really think about him.stress, beach, vacation, relaxation, health

#3 Vacations Promote Wellbeing

Studies have shown that after just 3 days of vacation there are noticeable improvements in mood and quality of sleep.  These improvements can be seen up to five weeks later after the person returns to work.  Being in a good mood and having quality sleep will overflow into your work life and improve working relationships.  Better mood = less stress…which leads to a healthier life.  Stress can cause everything from high blood pressure to heart attacks, so take a vacation!

#4 Family Health

Speaking of relationships, Vacations are a great way to improve your home life.  Spending quality time having fun with your family can keep relationships strong.  A study by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took regular vacations were more satisfied with their marriages.

So whether its for a few days or a few weeks, get away when you can and you will end up with a much happier, healthier life.

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