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Female Psychology – What turns on a Woman?

viagra, stimula, sex, arousal, women, intimacyThis is the age old question that every man wants to know.  What exactly is it that turns on a woman, or more specifically, how can I make a woman aroused?

The short answer is, it’s very complicated.

It’s obvious by the existence and success of the porn industry that men are aroused very easily by visual stimulation.  A naked female, a sultry glance, sometimes even a wink from an attractive lady is enough to get the blood flowing.  This is one of the things that have made products like Viagra so successful.  If a man is physically turned on, he is also psychologically turned on.  Men do not necessarily need to feel loved or desired to become aroused.

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Women are much more complicated when it comes to arousal and stimulation.  A woman can be physically aroused yet not be mentally aroused.  This is an evolutionary trait that allowed women to select more suitable mates.  Whereas it is evolutionarily beneficial for a man to reproduce with as many women as possible, this is not the case for women.  The female mind is set up to take some time and investigate the good and bad qualities of a man before deciding to reproduce with them.  This allows her to produce a child with the best possible characteristics for survival.viagra, stimula, sex, arousal, women, intimacy

Women also place a very high importance on feeling desired, while men usually don’t need to feel desired at all to become aroused.  This is what makes treatments for low female sexual desire very difficult to treat.  A female can be physically aroused, yet mentally turned off simultaneously, or vice versa.  This makes a medical or pharmaceutical treatment very complex.

So just because you are handsome, it may not mean you will get the girl in bed with you.  She will also be evaluating your personality, intelligence, and maybe even ability to provide for her.  Even if she is physically attracted to you, you’re only half way to any sort of intimate encounter.

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