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What Dreams Tell You About Your Life

sleep, dreams, nightmares, rest, relaxation, interpretation Some of us can remember dreams every time we sleep, others frequently complain of never dreaming. What you experience in your dreams can help you understand more about yourself and about life. Many medical studies have shown that people who dream frequently tend to be more susceptible to mental illness. Other studies have shown that remembering your dreams in detail can show a heightened IQ and ability to recall details more exclusively. You can choose what to believe and what not to believe. What your dream meanings come down to is what they mean to you and how positive reflection can help your dreams aid you in your life.

What Causes Vivid Dreams

Studies have shown that those of us who have vivid dreams that we can closely remember can mean we have a very active imagination or our caffeine intake may be a bit too high before bed. When we do not use up our energy in our daily activities you may be trying to use up your unused energy in your sleep. Try exercising before dinner in order to give your body and mind to slow down before you go to bed. Also, stay away from snacks and caffeine after dinner.

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No Dreams

If you do not dream, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. It may mean thatsleep, dreams, nightmares, rest, relaxation, interpretation you are tired and relaxed enough to let go of your worries and get a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, it could mean that you are not sleeping enough and your body is not fully resting. If you are only sleeping for a short time you may not be going into a deep and restorative sleep. Resting is good for naps but not healthy for your main means of rest.

Learning from Nightmares

Most of us have nightmares from time to time. If you are bothered by frequent nightmares then it may be time to look at what might be causing them. If you are under a lot of stress that could easily be the culprit. Try doing yoga or meditation before bed to relax your body and mind. If you have nightmares nightly and have trouble going back to sleep, try writing in a dream journal and looking at what your dreams could possibly mean. If all else fails, try relaxing with valerian root or a glass of wine before bed. When plagued by especially bad dreams try reading a bit of an easy read before nodding off for the night.

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