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Treatment Options for Allergies

If allergy season brings on cold-like symptoms, you’re battling what’s known as allergic rhinitis. “Allergic rhinitis is a trivialized disease,” Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD, an allergist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine tells WebMD. “Obviously, nobody dies from ...

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5 Tips to Fight Spring Allergies

Spring is fast approaching, and while many people are celebrating the arrival of warm weather, others are about to battle seasonal allergies. Trees will start to bloom, pollen will start swirling around, and before you know it – your allergies ...

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5 Tips to Prepare for Spring Allergies

For many, this winter seems never ending. Places like Minneapolis have battled through the coldest winter in 35 years. It’s not just the Midwest that’s dealt with Mother Nature’s wrath. Every time you turned on the news this winter another ...

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How to Fight Winter Allergies

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather this month, it might be your winter allergies. Don’t be fooled, allergies aren’t just a problem in the summer. You might get stuffy after mowing your lawn in the summer, but you ...

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Tips to Fight The Common Cold

Cold weather is just around the corner and you know what that means – your first head cold will arrive soon. Despite all the advances in technology, there is no quick fix to the common cold. But here are a ...

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