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How Having a ‘Bad Back’ Can Lead to ED


TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction The Spinal Column Makeup of Spinal Discs Herniated or Ruptured Disc Degenerative Disc Disease Link Between ED and Back Pain Laser Decompression of Disc Disc-Related ED Without Pain Could Viagra Help? Introduction A marvel of engineering, ...

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Even Professional Athletes Can’t Always Avoid ED

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It might seem at first glance that professional athletes are the least likely candidates to develop erectile dysfunction. However, the physical demands on an athlete and the stress of professional competition can sometimes conspire to increase the risk that these ...

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Timing Is Important for Maximizing Viagra Effects

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The more you know about Viagra’s typical onset and duration of action, the greater the benefits you are likely to derive from the little blue pill. It’s also important to know what, if any, effects that eating might have on ...

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ED Not Inevitable After Testicular Cancer Treatment

For a young man at or near the peak of his reproductive life, a diagnosis of testicular cancer can be devastating. And this is a cancer that tends to strike young men disproportionately — the average age of a testicular ...

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