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Don’t Be Tempted to Mix Viagra and Cocaine

The word cocaine highlighted on a page in a dictionary.

The recreational use of Viagra has become a serious problem in the United States. Thousands of men, none of whom actually has erectile dysfunction and thus needs the drug to get and keep an erection, use Viagra to increase their ...

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Pomegranate Juice and ED: What Researchers Know

Glass of pomegranate juice.

Increasingly popular in recent years, pomegranate juice is loaded with healthful nutrients, including vitamins C and K, folate, potassium, and antioxidant rich polyphenols. A handful of studies indicate that it may provide an extra boost to men with mild to ...

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When Past Sexual Abuse Is a Factor in ED

Young teenage boy standing in front of his father.

Research indicates that at least one in every six men suffered some form of sexual abuse as a child, according to an article posted at TheGuardian.com. All too often the shame and embarrassment associated with such molestation, not to mention ...

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Counterfeit Viagra: A Near Miss for Children in Australian Hospital

Pill bottle with the label marked as Fake Drugs.

Everybody loves a bargain, but online ads for Viagra that seem too good to be true almost certainly are just that — too good to be true. Telltale signs are vendors promising to sell you the little blue pill without ...

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Trans Fats Are Banned, but Substitutes May Still Aggravate ED

Palm oil bottle with a red warning sign.

As of mid-2018, the use of trans fats, also known as partially hydrogenated oils, in U.S. food products is officially prohibited under a ruling issued by the Food and Drug Administration in 2015. Acknowledging that trans fats aren’t safe for ...

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Sex and ED: Are Your Expectations Realistic?


A 2018 survey on the sex lives of the elderly busts a few myths that may have led some older Americans, particularly men but women as well, to feel they weren’t getting as much sex as others in their age ...

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One Important Reason Your Doctor Should Know You Take ED Meds

Medical doctor interviewing a patient.

Men who have been prescribed multiple erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are more likely to suffer from poor health than those who have never used any of these medications. That was the finding of a recently ...

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Sexual Health, ED, and Overall Wellness

Older couple sitting together smiling.

A few years back, a team of international researchers explored the effects of a satisfying sex life on the overall health and wellness of men and women from nine countries across Europe and the Middle East. To no one’s surprise, ...

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Use Your Smartwatch to Improve Cardiac Health, Guard Against ED

Man looking at his watch while jogging.

Men dedicated to improving their overall health, especially cardiac wellness, are finding helpful allies in smartwatches with fitness apps as well as in stand-alone fitness trackers, such as those sold by Fitbit. These wearables and the technology they embody allow ...

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Consider the Barre Workout for Improving ED Symptoms

The life of a ballet dancer — female or male — is not an easy one. To stay in tip-top shape, these women and men spend hours exercising at the barre to maintain the strength and flexibility required to perform ...

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