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How Viagra Works to Address ED

blue pills in the form of a letter V.

For many men, it’s enough to know that Viagra makes it possible to regain erectile function — albeit temporarily — that allows them to resume sexual activity previously impossible because they could not reliably get and keep an erection suitable ...

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What Is Viagra’s Half-Life and What Does That Mean?

Man pouring blue pills into his palm.

A drug’s half-life is the time it takes for 50 percent of the medication’s active ingredient to be eliminated from your bloodstream. It is also virtually identical to the time during which the drug is effective. In the case of ...

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Viagra Is a Modern Wonder Drug: Here’s Why

Molecular model.

For a drug candidate that early on failed to make the grade as a treatment for angina, Viagra has gone on to make quite a name for itself. It debuted on the world stage in 1998 as an oral medication ...

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‘I’m Too Young to Have ED.’ Talk to a Doctor Anyway.

Man sitting on a couch.

Perhaps because ED’s incidence is most widely associated with older men, young men who are otherwise healthy and fit sometimes tend to dismiss erection problems as just a passing phenomenon that’s essentially meaningless. While that could indeed be the case, ...

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Older Men Still Enjoy Sex and Should Seek Help for ED

Couple relaxing together.

Men and women can continue to enjoy fulfilling sex lives at almost any age. There’s no expiration date on an individual’s sex life, which for many men and women continues to be active well into their golden years. For men, ...

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Sometimes Viagra Doesn’t Work. What Does This Mean?

Man taking a Viagra pill.

Often referred to as a “miracle drug,” Viagra has certainly transformed the treatment of vascular-related erectile dysfunction in the two decades it’s been available to men with ED. However, some men trying the little blue pill for the first few ...

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Viagra and the Battle Between PDE5 and cGMP

Atherosclerosis diagram.

The key to robust erectile function is strong blood flow to the penis. So it’s hardly surprising that the biggest obstacles to getting and keeping an erection suitable for intercourse are any physical factors that compromise penile blood flow. Among ...

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Your Quick Guide to Viagra, Alcohol, and ED

Couple drinking wine.

Most men — and women also — recognize that a glass or two of wine or a light cocktail is a social lubricant that can help to set the mood for romance. In contrast, excessive alcohol consumption can make it ...

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Should Men with ED Take L-Arginine Supplements?

Bottle of L-Arginine

L-arginine, also known simply as arginine, is an amino acid with strong vasodilating effects. This means that the nutrient helps to support the natural relaxation of arteries to promote strong blood flow when it is needed, as is the case ...

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Viagra Is The Most Effective ED Drug, According to Study

Viagra remains the favorite drug for treating ED in men. This post talks about a 2015 study in Switzerland that concluded that among seven erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs (some of which aren’t available in the US), Viagra was most effective. ...

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