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How to Buy Viagra Online From a Trusted Pharmacy

Men battling erectile dysfunction are often prescribed medications like Viagra. After seeing a doctor and getting a prescription, it’s off to the pharmacy to get your pills. But what if you didn’t have to go to the pharmacy? What if ...

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Don’t Buy Generic Viagra Yet; It’s not Available Until December 2017

If you rely on erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra to conquer impotence, you might be looking forward to buying a generic version. While there’s been a lot of talk about generic Viagra, it won’t be available until December 2017. At ...

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Great News! There’s No Link Between Melanoma and Viagra, Cialis


For the past few years many men who regularly use one of the oral erectile dysfunction drugs have tried to limit their exposure to the sun, largely on the basis of a 2014 study that linked ED drug use to an ...

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Got ED? Here’s How to Cope

Frustration, anger, sadness, and loss of confidence are just some of the emotions a man faces when he discovers he has ED. Your partner will experience an overwhelming emotional toll as well. They might feel unattractive and struggle with the ...

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Stress-Related ED is on the Rise in Young Men

There ‘s a perception out there that ED is a disease that primarily affects men over the age of 40. A study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that one in four men seeking help for ED are ...

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The Keys to Erection Health Can’t Be Found in a Gas Station

Erectile dysfunction

 They’re hard to miss. Convenience stores and gas stations carry a wide array of provocatively named male sexual enhancement products that almost demand a second look. Based on a recent warning from the Food and Drug Administration, it’s okay if ...

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What You Should Know About Splitting ED Meds

A growing number of people are splitting their prescription pills to save money. This act, where you literally cut a pill in half, is common with erectile dysfunction medication. If you’re planning to split Viagra, for example, here’s what you ...

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Could Drinking Soda Lead to ED?

Do you drink soda? If so, new research suggests it could contribute to a slow onset of erectile dysfunction.  It’s common knowledge that the “empty calories” in soda contributes to obesity. The ingredients in soda can’t quench your thirst, but ...

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Caverflo Natural Herbal Coffee Contained Viagra and Cialis ED Drug Ingredients that Could Have Caused Death

In May 2017, the FDA announced that Caverflo.com had issued a voluntary nationwide recall of its natural herbal coffee after it was found to contain not only undeclared milk, but also the active ingredients in two erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. ...

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8 Reasons You Should Be Having Sex

If you’ve been debating whether to talk to your doctor about how your erectile dysfunction (ED) is keeping you from having sex, but are too embarrassed, take note: there are lots of health benefits to having sex! So while it ...

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